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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Bonjour mes ami(e)s!
Soooo my dear Charese told me that it is time for me to update my blog, and I agree!! Theres been a crazy amount of things going on so I havent had the chance to tell yall about me and why Im doing this. So here it goes. I'm Jasmine. I am a pharmacy student and am in my FIFTH year of SIX!! WOO WOO!! Anyway, when I tell you that I have been on one crazy journey, I am not kidding. But I love every bit of it & believe that God puts us through even the most insignificant events for very specific purposes. Anyway, my dearie Charese got me hooked on LHCF ( about 3-4 years ago. I am a libra, so naturally I am drawn to anything related to beauty. But once I got on LHCF I was hooked! I couldnt believe how many girls had long, gorgeous, healthy hair! Mmmmmm lovez! So I tried some of the stuff on there, and Ill put another post about that up. (FYI: Im considering adding videos). But so now Im pretty content with my hair.... minus the moisture problem... whatever. Anyway so my little sister came over for the 4th of July & did my makeup. Now mind you that I used to never wear anything more than mascara, gloss & liner. But when she was done I decided that I rrreeeaaallllllllyyyyy liked the way it looked. So I got into makeup & watched a million youtube videos. I will post my fave gurus at the bottom. But now its become sort of my latest addiction. And you guys will soon learn that I have an 'addictive personality' per my sister. She feels that I get addicted to things I like and go crazy with them. But oh well. Anyway so that will be the direction of my blog at the moment. Along with my day-to-day encounters and things that happen in my life. Now I am new to makeup so please do not be a hater & definitely do not thing that I think I know anything because I am still learning. So thats that. Also in case you want to know about my blog name, I believe that in order to live a well balanced life, all you need is love (for everyone & God), knowledge, and beauty. Now beauty does not mean looks or makeup or whatever. But it means whatever you need to do in order to feel beautiful to yourself., Okay thats all for tonight. Hopefully I will make this a daily thing. Below are my latest "eye glams" or was is "eye magic"?? I cant remember. I think I like *eye glam* better. So shall it be done! Your prescription for today::

Brotherlyloveolol 600 mg
Sig: TT PO daily for a healthy life

Beaucoup d'Amour!!

Fave vloggers:: These are some of my faves! And I tend to look at their latest tutorials on a regular.

These are my latest looks! Hope yall like. If you want to know anything about anything dont hesitate to ask!!
((Fools Gold))


((Berry Milkshake)

((Walmart Passion))

((Mary Kay Cadillac))

((School Spirit))

((Mardi Gras))

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Review

Love This Stuff!!!

By LoveBeauty&Knowledge from Saint Louis, MO on 8/21/2010


5out of 5

Pros: Versatile, Good Value, Long Lasting, Easy To Apply, Good Pigmentation

Best Uses: Normal Skin, Special Occasions, Oily Skin, Dry Skin, Daily Use

Describe Yourself: Classic Style

Skin Tone: Deep

Age: 16-24

Very bright & clear colors. I have used twinkle teal, grassy green, gunmetal & precious pink. The pink is very light so it will not give you as dramatic a look you want, but these are a definite must-have. I love to wear them on my lower lid and/or my waterline. They are fantastic for giving a dark look a little pop of color. I would recommend buying one of each.

my photograph skills suck but its grassy green


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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quick Eyes Overview

Okay so my plan for this blog is to give an overview of my life & all these new paths that I venture. I'll post another one tomorrow sometime giving you an overview of my life & who I am. But for now I thought I'd share with you my new passion, makeup!!! Especially eyeshadow. OMG LOVE <3 ! Anyway I have since found some fantastic websites that offer cheap quality makeup. I will list those @ the bottom. But I wanted to share my latest eyes with you. Ill explain more later! Hope you love! More to come in the future!
Please keep in mind that I am a beginner @ this makeup thing & have a long way to go & I suck at taking good pics
Beaucoup d'Amour
<3 LKB
((Drag Night))

((Drag Night))

((Girls Night Out))


((Pixie Wings))

((Nature's Milkshake))

((Dante's Inferno))

((Purple People Eater))

((Angel Dust))

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Researching & Preparing

Please forgive the emptiness of the blog. I am gathering as much info as I can in order to provide a fufilling blog. I promise to begin posting soon! You can also find me on twitter @lovenknowledge
Beaucoup d'Amour!
<3 LKB